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Faded Out

Feb 10, 2019

Sarah DiMeo and Jessica Fritz Aguiar delve into the Hadden Clark timeline and his connection to Wallingford. And later, the production team meets Doreen's family.


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Feb 3, 2019

Navigating the initial newspaper reports from Meriden's Record-Journal following Doreen's disappearance. And another article brings a serial killer closer to home.


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Jan 27, 2019

Getting to know a little girl named Doreen Jane Vincent, from her birth on September 30, 1975 to the day she went missing from her father's house in Wallingford, Connecticut on June 15, 1988.


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Jan 20, 2019

Faded Out Season 2 following the 1988 disappearance of Doreen Vincent.

Premieres Sunday, January 27, 2019. Hosted by Sarah DiMeo.

Dec 5, 2018

The second addendum to Season One of Faded Out. This time there are more revelations to be made about the morning that Johnny Gosch disappeared, how the case will move forward from here, and more about Sam Soda.